The extremely broad and varied topic of theology has led to a number of fantastic works in its history, and here at Hay on Wye Booksellers we have an extensive range of titles covering a number of areas, religions and theories for all interests and knowledge levels. Our selection of theology books, available both online and in store, cover a variety of periods in history – from incredibly well established works to new and emerging analyses.

Whether you’re someone who works in the academic field of theology, or are just looking for something to broaden your knowledge and collection of books, you’ll be sure to find something stimulating, engaging and eye-opening in our catalogue of theology books. To find what you’re looking for either browse the category below or use our bespoke search function to filter our books by author, title, publisher or ISBN. To get in touch with us about our theology books or any of our products, either call us on 01497 820 352 or use our website’s online contact form.

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